Marshmallow & Aloe Shampoo Bar

Marshmallow & Aloe Shampoo Bar

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Our Marshmallow and Aloe Shampoo Bar is a great choice for people with normal to coarse, dry and curly hair types who are just starting out their transition to solid shampoos.

Our shampoos begin with special blends of organic herbs infused into specific oils to add their benefits to your hair. Each herb is chosen and analysed individually to provide the best possible outcome for your hair type.
We then create a blend of oils, butters and essential oils designed to support your hair care journey.

Marshmallow Root is a well-known herb for hair use to reduce frizziness and aid in detangling. Aloe Vera adds conditioning and moisturising properties to hair as well as promoting a healthy scalp. Horsetail aids hair growth, reduces the probability of split ends and strengthens the hair strand. Comfrey adds a nourished softness to hair as well as aiding in the growth of healthy skin cells. Rosemary is a well-known herb for hair use helping to reduce scalp irritation as well as adding shine.

The combination of bergamot and cypress essential oils not only provides a fresh, unisex aroma but also soothes the scalp, stimulates hair follicles aiding in healthy hair growth and helps to prevent scalp conditions.
Each shampoo bar comes with an information sheet with tips on using your new products.

Due to the handcrafted, small-batch nature of our soaps, product appearance may alter slightly between bars. We hand-cut our bars for our preferred rustic appearance, however we ensure each one fulfils it’s minimum weight requirement. To ensure your soap stays in optimum condition, we recommend storing them out of direct sunlight and away from moisture. When the time comes for you to use and enjoy your soap, we recommend not leaving them in a position where water may accumulate. To enjoy a longer-lasting soap we recommend using wooden soap dish to allow your soap to stay dry between uses.


Made with saponified oils of coconut, olive, unrefined shea butter, castor, sunflower infused with marshmallow root*, comfrey*, horsetail* and rosemary*, mango seed butter, essential oils of bergamot and cypress, aloe powder**, finely ground marshmallow root.

** Organic Ingredient
Minimum net weight 80g/2.8oz